There’s an architecture to music. Rhythm imposes structure, partitioning the timeline into grid-like slices. Deep low-end builds out the foundation onto which the drum kit is assembled, it’s percussions the scaffolding joins & terminals. Pattern & melody wrap the structure in a harmonic skin, textured and colored and expressive, all filtered & flanged. Sits in a space of depth and breath, echoing reflections from distant surfaces across the landscape. The rhythm, the notation, the start & stop & space between, the skitterhop wiggles and booming 8’s. The House.

Dreams communicate through music. A bubbling & bottling of the sub-conscious, often fermented & flavored. Emotion takes on more character, greater viscera and presence, expressing the numinous depth of humanity & life & love, subtly, oddly, and in the middle of the night alone in bed suddenly awake to the darkness. Good music can offer a warm blanket, a friend, or simply a light to hold to. All important things to take into the Dreamworld.

– Sathorn notes, 2012