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I’m trying to explore the juxtaposition of futures for Sathorn Unique. On one hand, the ambitious exuberance lighting the dreams of what Sathorn was supposed to be: the grand opening, the excited crowds, international elites in penthouse suites, a legacy of architectural grandeur and the pride of Bangkok. On the other, the hollow shell of the white ghost tower, etched & worn by exposure, half-printed & unskinned, abandoned & empty but for stray dogs, ephemeral homeless encampments, urban explorers, and the tangles & piles of lifeless debris littering the halls. I imagine the ghosts of the party haunting the empty & hollow husk of Sathorn Unique. A hi-color glossy brochure crusting and moldering on a stained and cracking floor.

– Sathorn notes, 2012

Does the Sathorn ghost tower haunt the Bangkok zeitgeist? Like the specter of homelessness, madness, and death – a dark reminder of what might befall the unfortunate, the foolish, and the weak? It’s hard to overlook the carcass looming in the Chao Phraya skyline, both attracting & deflecting attention, like a tragic accident or roadkill… But are these deathly metaphors missing something else? Is there a story of strength and power in its bearing, its endurance and unwillingness to fall? In it’s incompleteness and abandonment, Sathorn Unique is nevertheless monumental.

– Sathorn notes, 2012

There’s an architecture to music. The structure of the composition – instruments & hooks, loops & licks. These are the materials & building blocks that define density & space, edges & transitions. And there’s a more explicit space-making that occurs in music production: positioning the instruments as if on a stage, building sonic spaces with reverb & delay, constructing distant surfaces to catch & reflect the sounds – a virtual room in which to place elements near & far. Space both encloses and releases sound. And the movement of sound reveals the composition of the space.

– Sathorn notes, 2012

This site is my attempt to formalize the work I’m doing in architectural composition. It’s still in beta as I’m trying to get together some of the assets for my portfolio (e.g. the Torre de David tracks) but this is my flag in the ground, as it were.

More to come soon…